Zack Ryder Looking Forward to Wrestling Post-Pandemic

Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder (real name Matt Cardona) is one of numerous WWE talents who were recently released by the company.

A longtime fan favorite who is also well respected by his peers, Ryder announced on his Twitter account that he is looking forward to the possibility of taking on new challenges after fourteen years with the WWE.

While these challenges are exciting and possibly long overdue for the former Long Island Iced-Z, Ryder also wants to make sure his return to the independent scene (or, perhaps, even to one of the larger promotions in the U.S. or overseas) comes during a time when the world is more “normal.”

Where would you like to see Zack Ryder/Matt Cardona wind up next? Are there are potential dream matches or feuds that you would like to see? Let us know in the comments below.

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