Which Former WWE Star Would Jim Ross Like to See in AEW?

Jim Ross
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For the past year, Jim Ross has effectively been the voice of All Elite Wrestling, providing insight, wisdom, and a one-of-a-kind nostalgic feel to the growing brand.

When it comes to top talents the decades-long veteran would like to see under the AEW banner, names like Jeff Cobb, Lance Archer, and Brodie Lee have all been mentioned. It is no secret that Ross like big, athletic, old-school “tough” guys, and all three fit that moniker.

Another name cut from a similar ilk is the recently released Rusev, who Ross feels WWE “missed the boat on.”

The 35-year-old Rusev (real name Miroslav Barnyashev) was once considered one of WWE’s top prospects before suffering his first televised main roster loss to John Cena at Wrestlemania 31. Since then, Rusev has fluctuated around the mid-card despite his incredibly popular “Rusev Day” gimmick becoming one of the hottest acts in the company.

Ross said on a recent episode of the popular Grilling JR podcast (AdFreeShows.com) that Rusev would be his top target out of those recently released by WWE.

I think that Rusev is the kind of guy that you can bring in and he’d be a great contender for any title. Would I like to see a Moxley/Rusev match? Of course, I would. I’m a wrestling fan, why wouldn’t I? To me, he would be my priority.

Transciption via Wrestlingnews.co

Ross suggests that he has never heard anything negative about the former “Bulgarian Brute” and that he could see the athletic heavyweight in a variety of main event level feuds.

Would you like to see Rusev make his way to AEW? Let us know in the comments below.

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