Vince McMahon Apparently Had Ridiculous Comedy Gimmick Planned for The Revival

Vince McMahon
Photo via Randall Chancellor/Creative Commons

It has become commonplace for longtime wrestling fans to question the decision making abilities of WWE’s Vince McMahon. The 74-year-old is often considered out-of-touch, making decisions to appeal more so to his own personal tastes than that of his massive viewing audience.

The Revival — one of the most well respected tag teams of the past decade — have seemingly never connected with the Chairman the way they have with the fans and their peers. Instead of portraying the popular tandem as a modern-day throwback to Four Horsemen stalwarts Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard — something that was done effectively during their time in NXT — Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder were presented as a mid-card-at-best act for most of their main roster run. A hotly-desired pairing with Randy Orton (dubbed FTRKO) didn’t sustain.

In a story released by Cassidy Haynes of, McMahon apparently had a comedy gimmick in mind for the throwback grapplers before their ultimate release.

The article suggests that McMahon wanted to give the duo a complete overhaul, including new attire and theme music. While this reset may have resulted in more television time for the pair (at least in the short term), it seems unlikely that the former Dawson or Wilder will want to continue their career in that environment.

When asked to comment on the validity of this rumor, Wilder (now using the moniker Cash Wheeler), simply replied “Plead the Fifth.”

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