The Young Bucks Square Off on BTE Episode 200

If you have followed the successful Being the Elite series on YouTube for the past few years, you understand the origins of many stories that have ultimately played out in All Elite Wrestling.

While some storylines have halted during the ongoing global pandemic, the monumental 200th episode of the series featured a cinematic, no-holds-barred contest between brothers Matt and Nick Jackson.

Taking place on the compound in California, the duo square off in an exciting, sometimes tongue-in-cheek brawl filled with the type of athleticism you would expect from one of the most athletic tag teams in the world.

Throughout the match, the tandem dropped not-so-subtle Easter eggs to the recent cinematic matches that took place on WrestleMania 36.

With nods to both the Firefly Funhouse and the Boneyard matches, the pair also put their own spin on the Edge vs. Orton “Last Man Standing” contest.

The match concluded after Matt dropped an elbow on his brother from an elevated platform.

The episode concluded with a fun retrospective featuring seminal moments from the show’s four-year-run.

While the match was intended to be silly at times, it also showed how much chemistry the brothers actually have. It would not be a surprise to see them eventually square off in singles competition on AEW down the road.

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