Is Cody Rhodes Reverting to his Natural Hair Color?

Cody Rhodes
Photo via Miguel Discart/Creative Commons

Over the past year, very few professional wrestlers have made a more significant impact on the professional wrestling world than Cody Rhodes.

As an Executive Vice President of upstart promotion All Elite Wrestling, Cody has had a handful of acclaimed contests against the likes of MJF, Darby Allen, and his own brother, Dustin Rhodes. His tag team match (teaming with Dustin) against The Young Bucks was also well received by many fans.

One of the trademarks of Cody’s rise over the past couple years has been his signature platinum blonde hair. Along with nearly-unparalleled mic skills and crowd control, the second-generation star has done more to distance himself for a lengthy mid-card run in WWE than any performer in the past decade.

According to a recent tweet, however, we may be seeing a temporary end to the blonde hair that both separates the modern main eventer from his earlier days in the business, as well as creates a symbolic link between himself and his legendary father, the late Dusty Rhodes.

One can assume that this may merely be a minor casualty of the global pandemic as hair salons are considered “non-essential.” It is obvious that Cody puts a considerable amount of effort into crafting his look, so a “box dye” probably isn’t going to cut it.

That said, Cody has competed in the ring against Shawn Spears within the past two weeks, and will be competing on an upcoming episode of Dynamite. I’m sure there are some talented hair stylists who would work independently if Cody really wanted to maintain his golden locks.

Do you prefer Cody with blonde hair, or his more natural “brunette” look? Let us know in the comments below.

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