Arn Anderson Discusses Comparisons Between The Revival and The Brainbusters

Arn Anderson

Legendary Four Horsemen member Arn Anderson — now employed by All Elite Wrestling — recently discussed comparisons between The Brainbusters (his tag team with Tully Blanchard) and The Revival with Conrad Thompson during an episode of his ARN podcast.

Credit to Wrestling Inc. for the original transcription

Anderson recalls the former Scott Dawson informing him of The Revival’s pending release the night before it happened.

I got a message from Dawson the night before and he said, ‘at about 9 A.M., there will be some good news show up,’ and that’s all he said.

According to Arn, the news broke the next morning and the former longtime WWE producer could not believe that the promotion would let such a high-profile (and presumably high-demand tandem go).

Anderson then suggests that the duo could be one of the industry’s hottest acts with the ability to field interest and offers from promotions anywhere in the world.

I would think they would be the hottest commodity in the business right now. I think everybody is going to vying for them, whoever ends up eventually getting them will be a much better company for it. They are the most unselfish, giving guys I have seen in a long long time and they have that same mentality that Tully and I and the original Horsemen had.

When discussing comparisons between the teams, Anderson absolutely takes those as a compliment. As the teams had similar physiques, attires, looks, and in-ring styles, Anderson has considered the parallels and credits The Revival for incorporating and adapting some elements of The Brainbusters’ repertoire into their own.

I am very very honored that they took some of our stuff and put their own twist on it, some cases made it better. If anyone looks at them and goes, ‘God, they’re working like the Brainbusters’ then I am honored that somebody looks at it that way.

Surprisingly, however, Anderson also pointed out that he has not really discussed the comparisons with Blanchard, who is also signed to AEW.

What do you think about the comparison between The Revival and The Brainbusters? Let us know in the comments below.

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